Mobile Web Design – Taking advantage of mobile technology advancements

Mobile Web Design

Mobile devices have greatly changed the way we interact and do business. They have fast become the new way of consuming information on the internet. With this surge in mobile device dependancy, the importance of mobile web design cannot be underestimated. A professional mobile web design gives you a chance to reach out to a broader customer base and gives you that much needed competitive advantage. To fully take advantage of emerging mobile technology advancements we need to first outline the benefits of going mobile then go on to explore the various methods of creating a valuable mobile presence for your business.

Advantages of going Mobile

There are several benefits of having a mobile web design/mobile application or in general just having a mobile presence. Some of the core benefits of having a mobile website designed for your business include:

  • You reach a broader customer base as many potential customers are mobile dependant nowadays.
  • Faster web access anywhere and anytime/Reaching users on the go
  • Mobile websites improves user experience as they are specifically targeted for handheld devices.
  • A mobile website strengthens your brand and instills confidence in your customers.
  • Comparative cost advantage.
  • Your products or services are available 24/7 and customers can access them anywhere at anytime.
  • Your business gets the competitive advantage over competitors without a mobile website.
  • Improved search and SEO benefits.
  • Integration with offline media  such as QR codes that can be embedded in print and allows your users to acquire additional information or to be directed to mobile landing pages that contain more information.
  • It offers new advertising opportunities of reaching target audience with precision.

Mobile web design – Methods of Creating A Web Presence

There are several ways to achieve a web presence for your business. The various methods will vary in terms of cost, development time, functionality, flexibility, complexity and ultimately their security. We will briefly explore the commonly used methods and their benefits. The ways you can create a web presence include:

  • Maintaining Your Full Website Through a Mobile Browser

Your full current website(i.e the same version of your website that people access from your desktop) can still be accessed on mobile devices. The disadvantages of this is that since the website is not mobile optimised so it will lack mobile friendly features and this can greatly affect user experiences. Since the website was designed for desktops, the content will appear clustered and difficult to decipher on a small smartphone screen. Some of the elements used to design your desktop website cannot work on some mobile devices for example Flash content. Also with your current website you will not be able to fully take advantage of mobile features such as sending or receive direct notifications, detect motion, or leverage location-aware capabilities.

  • The Mobile-Optimized Website (Stand-alone mobile web design)

A mobile-optimized website  is a website that is specifically designed for mobile devices. It detects when users are trying to access a website with a mobile device and automatically shifts the design to one formatted for mobile. A mobile-optimised website solves the problem of information cluster and takes advantage of  some of the mobile rich features. A mobile-optimised website is relatively easy to build and can be customised to achieve the look and feel that you desire.

  • Mobile-Optimised Website (Responsive Web Design)

Mobile Responsive website design allows you to design a website that will adjust the way it displays its content depending on the dimensions of the device. It is fast growing in popularity as it provides and optimal viewing experience for mobile users at a comparative cost advantage. With comparatively easy customisation, the responsive web design can be developed to meet mobile design best practices like clear navigation and content architecture therefore enhancing the user experience.

  • The Mobile App

A mobile app is great at taking optimal advantages of mobile rich features. With mobile application development more interactive elements can be utilised to give it an enhanced user experience and improve information exchange. some of the features include ability to push notifications to users, facilitate the purchase of products and services right from a customer’s smartphone and integration with the mobile devices hardware such as a camera. However mobile application development takes more development time and is costly as compared to the other methods.

Mobile Web Design Best Practises.

In order to achieve the best mobile web design there are some issues to take into consideration. When designing for mobile we have to find the best ways to present the most important content to the user vividly and effectively. Some of the best mobile web design practices are:

  • The design should have easy navigation through structured interlinking of your mobile web pages.
  • Appropriate mobile promotion & clear call to actions
  • SEO friendly and engaging mobile website design.
  • Mobile website is designed as per the current web standards
  • Brand and design factors maintained
  • Clear resolution and visibility of the mobile web pages
  • Minimum downloading time

Considering getting a Mobile Website Designed for your business?

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