Graxelite Business Card

The Graxelite Business card design is a contemporary corporate identity design. The business card clearly outlines the important contact elements and emphasises the corporate colours. This concept of strengthening your brand and consistency in design is crucial in communicating your message and building your corporate image. At Webapp Creative we are brand conscious and we believe that branding is a very important asset to an organisation. For Graxelite we were able to develop a solution for them through effective brand analysis and building the concept based on that.

What we did
  • Brand Analysis
  • Business Card Mock-up Design
  • Revisions
  • Final Concept Design

The business card is an important part of an organisations corporate identity. It carries the organisations colours, logo and overall branding feel. It is a good way of getting your message out there and building valuable business leads. At Webapp Creative we work with you to first understand your brand, your business objectives and the message you wish to portray. Our business card designers will then design some mockups based on the findings. After mockups you are allowed to make changes so that we can come up with a final design that best represents your corporate identity. To learn more about our business card design services or corporate branding services please visit the corresponding pages. Please call us today on 03 9913 5092 to get a free quote for business card design and corporate branding.

Graxelite Business Card