Social Media Integration – Using social media to boost your business

Social Media Integration.

The importance of social media in todays business environment cannot be underestimated.  A website with great social media integration is more likely to rank higher and attract more traffic and ultimately get more business. A business with a sound social media integration or social media presence is also more likely to get more business through referrals and repeat customers. It is a general rule that people want to buy what other people are buying as they feel safe and like they are getting value for their money. Using social media to your advantage through a well crafted social media marketing strategy can boost your business and help you increase your bottom-line. We are going to look at several ways on how we can use social media integration to boost our business and get more from our social media marketing efforts.

Ways of using social media to boost your business. 

  • Embrace social media.

The first step in using social media to boost your business/sales is to embrace it. By this I mean  make social media a part of your companies marketing strategy. Employ social media integration on your website and throughout your corporate identity items such as brochures and company newsletters. The more you put it out there the higher your chances of attracting your target market to join your social media community.

  • Create and participate in engaging conversations on Google+ Circles, LinkedIn and other social media forums.

By creating engaging conversations you keep your social media community interested and it allows them to participate. This is a great way of using social media integration in that it will allow you to get ideas and feedback from your customers relating to your products and services and their preferences. By participating in these conversations as well it shows that you actually care about their concerns and not just your bottom-line.

  • Post images and videos of your products, services and campaigns on video and image sharing social media channels.

Posting videos and product images is a great way of using social media for business. By posting your products and services videos and images you get your fans to have a preview of what you offer and it makes them feel involved in the production process. This builds trust in your brand and its a way for you to get feedback at an early stage. This is a great way of employing social media integration to your benefit.

  • Ask questions and post polls.

Posting polls and asking questions is a great way to get feedback from your customers. This enhances your social media integration efforts in that it makes your customers feel involved in the creation of your products and services. It also helps you identify what they really want and you can tailor your products and services to meet their needs.

  • Optimise all your social media content.

By optimising your social media content you increase your chances of ranking higher in search engines. This is a great way of using social media to boost your business in that you will attract more traffic to your website. To know more about web content optimisation read more about seo (search engine optimisation) or seek professional web content writers or copywriters.

  • Encourage your users/community to share.

The best way to grow your social media community is to encourage your current users to share your posts with their circles. General people are more inclined to buying what their friends are buying or what other people are busying. It is much easier for your social media community to invite their friends.

  • Use quizzes, games, reward systems and sweepstake to engage your social media community.

Using games and quizzes is a sure way of soaring your social media integration efforts. Reward systems and other sweepstakes will keep your social media community engaged and they are more likely to participate as they know there is a price at the end. When creating social media games give the users a chance to play or share with their friends and get them to like you or join your community. To learn more about social media game and sweepstakes read our page on Facebook Application Development or call 03 9913 5092 to speak to a consultant.

  • Update content regularly.

Updating you content regularly is key to your success in social media integration. Updated content will keep your fans engaged and also has major seo benefits.

  • Seek professional social media marketers or social media management.

If you do not have the time to invest in your social media engagement it will be a profitable investment to seek professional social media marketers. This way you can focus on your bottom-line whilst te social media marketers worry about your social media integration efforts. Professional social media marketers will also possess the experience and technical know how on ways to use social media to give you a competitive advantage. If you opt to seek for professional social media marketing services today, call us and we can work out a social media marketing strategy with you to help you get the result you need.

To learn more about social media integration and how to boost your business online you can visit our social media marketing page here or leave us a message and we will get back to you promptly.


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