We recognise that our customers are key to our success. We strive to provide the best customer service to our valued clients. 

Types of Support Offered

The Webapp Creative Website Design |Mobile Application Development | Online Marketing Company support policy is detailed to discuss how we will help you as our valuable client once your new website/mobile application/e-commerce solution/online shop goes live. Our support policy will also be detailed in our contract agreement and project proposal for your perusal. While we do our best in the delivering of your new website/mobile application/e-commerce solution/online shop/seo services we understand that unforeseen technical issues may arise, we will require you to be patient with us and demonstrate professional business ethics while we will work very hard to restore your services to what they should be.

Our business owners and managers are there every week day from 09:00 – 1700 non holidays to assist you personally with any issues that you might not have been happily addressed by other team members. Webapp Creative Website Design | Online Marketing |Mobile Apps Development | Ecommerce Solution Company will also assist by providing you with relevant and necessary information and tutorials needed to acquaint you with the product or service provided for you be it a new website designed | mobile apps developed | website developed |ecommerce solution or online shop.

Various support methods have been put and more will be published for you to use when you encounter technical issues with your product :

Telephone Support is available from 9.00am – 5.00pm, Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays). If you do not have an active annual maintenance contract with Webapp Creative Website Design | Website Development |Mobile Apps Development | Ecommerce Solution Company, Phone support would be charged at $55 + GST per issue. Please call 03 9913 5092 for telephone support.

Email Support is also available for your use and will be replied on average from 24 hours after it has been sent, please give our technical engineers sufficient time to respond as they have to research your technical issues before they respond to you. Support Email Address is support@webappcreative.com.au

Complimentary 90 Day Support

Every Webapp Creative website, website redesign & mobile application developed comes with 90 days complimentary support, starting from the day your product or service goes live. What’s Included? Unlimited general phone and email support queries (Eg. Content population, image resizing or account support such as resetting passwords) When things aren’t working as they should. Over a period of time, your website interacts with and is affected by many different factors including users and different technologies. Limited technical diagnosis (max 5 times in 3 months): For more complex issues a Webapp Creative Web Design Company Melbourne will diagnose the issue, outline possible solutions to fix it, or simply implement an immediate fix if it is a small issue. 90 days complimentary Support Cost Complementary General Phone & Email Support Included (fair use policy). Website Status Check available at an additional cost of $100 per report Service Level Agreement. Additional training can be tailored to your requirements. The duration and cost will depend on your requirements. Webapp Creative Website Design | Website Development Company can produce tailored documentation to support your broader team. The cost varies per project. We are always here to help with extra support. Webapp Creative Website Design Company Melbourne offers extra and specific consultation for customisation as per terms and conditions agreed. the average costing is $100/hour. All prices are shown ex GST.

Maintenance Packages

Webapp Creative Website Design Company has got website maintenance packages in place that can be tailored for your business.

Depending on the type of website, online shop, ecommerce solution or mobile application that you have and need assistance in maintenance we can offer professional technical and non-technical support customised for your given project. All maintenance support services provided by Webapp Creative Web Design Company Melbourne is charged at a minimum of $100 per hour and will continue to vary according to the size and functionality of your website or mobile application maintenance services. Some websites, web applications or online shops/ecommerce solutions have got CMS (content management systems) these can make it easier, cheaper and faster to maintain but some of them will need the technical know how and professional web developers to maintain them thus will be charged according to the requirements of the website

If you will be making regular changes to your website over time, you can save money by purchasing a website maintenance package.

(1-2 Business Days) Update or Create new HTML with CSS web pages, Image scanning, optimisation, adding images to web sites without layout changes, Flash animation, Database – SQL server | MySQL etc and ASP.net, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, etc. programming work.

* All prices are ex GST

  • Bronze Package – $100 Per Month
  • Silver Package – $200 Per Month
  • Gold Package – $400 Per Month

Minimum Contract 12 Months

  • Update Content (Including text and Graphics)
  • New Graphic Design Work
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Timeframe of your website maintenance will be issued with your quote. We’ll provide you with the timeframe for your job when your quote is issued, based on the service level agreement (SLA).